Slowly but Surely!

Slowly but surely we are figuring out the blogging. Well I should say Mark is figuring it out. He added a feature to my blog page tonight. You can now subscribe to my blog and get an email notification when I write a new blog. But as I said before I am not sure how regular my blogs will be. Some other exciting news that happened today is I signed up for a cruise with my sister Melissa. Yeh! Going on a 7 day cruise in Feb. so I have something to look forward to when the real cold winter really sets in.  In the workroom, I finished up 3 pillows and started working on what I call a redo job.  A redo job is where the client moves from one house to another and wants to use the same fabric or window treatments from the previous home.  I have done several of these and it sometimes can be a challenge figuring out how to make things work.  On this one we are going from 2 windows with swags and panels on rods, to a gathered valance over panels, so extra fabric did have to be ordered.  I will hopefully have pictures to share later on in the future.  I also hope to complete a headboard for Ian’s room (my son), it will be his 17th Birthday present!  I will also try to take some pictures of that process and share them.

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