Pillows, Pillows, and More Pillows!

It seems like this year I have been making a lot of pillows so far.  So here are a few that I have finished this week.

Green velvet pillows with monograming.

Green Velvet with monogram!

These  pillows are made from leftover fabric that I had recovered some chairs with last year. The chairs turned out beautiful, you can see them on my Facebook page.

Floral Pillows with Brush Fringe and blue braid trim

Floral Pillows with brush fringe and a blue braid trim.

These Pillows were designed by JCR Design Group.  They are made with a gorgeous floral fabric and a blue brush fringe with a small blue braid around the edge.

Close up of the trim.

Close up of the braid trim.

And last but not least!

Necktie pillow

Necktie Pillow.

Here is a special pillow, it is made from the ties of the father of one of my good friends. Earlier this year, my friend’s father passed away from a terrible disease, Alzheimer’s.  So they had seen a pillow made from ties, here and thought it would be a nice idea to have one made for her mom to have.  I have pondered and even asked my neighbor about how I should make it and today I finally set down and actually put it together.  I think it came out pretty good and will give it to her tomorrow.  This pillow like some of the T-shirt quilts I have made really are special, and it makes me appreciate that I can do this for other people.

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3 Responses to “Pillows, Pillows, and More Pillows!”

  1. slipcovers by shelley Says:

    LOVE the tie pillow! What a great idea, I love sentimental gifts and repurposing things. I might have to remember this idea.

  2. Denise Lehmann Says:

    Your pillows are amazing but the necktie one is really special….just like you! What a lucky person to have you as a friend.

  3. Stephanie Van Vranken Says:

    Love all the pillows. Great fabrics and trims. Especially love the necktie one. It turned out really nice. What a wonderful idea !

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