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We are right in the middle of winter, we haven’t had quiet this much winter yet! But now is the time to be thinking about Spring and Summer and the time you will want to spend outdoors.  Take a look around outside and see if things need to be spruced up.  That’s what I did last year and I decided to update and redo my screened porch.  I had ordered a couple of Pottery Barn outdoor pillows at the end of the season clearance, that had the colors that I loved.

Pottery Barn Pillows


So I started from there. Then during the winter I also get tons of catalogs and a rug from Grandinroad caught my eye.  I decided to order it and once it arrived is when I really got to work deciding on how I would fix up things. The wicker needed to be repainted, so I searched on-line and found instructions on how to paint wicker and pinned it to my pinterest board.  I also have a large old cabinet that I got free from my neighbor but it needed a new look.  So I sanded, and painted it in a black, bought new handles and wow it looked completely different.

Black cabnit


The main colors in the rug were orange, green and blue.  I decided the green and orange were the two colors I would use for the cushions and the blue would be my punch of color in my accents.

Pillows, cushions, blue table, wicker furniture


So I got busy and recovered the cushions, made some other accent pillows and spray painted 3 pieces in the blue. The metal side table was a piece that I had picked up from Hobby Lobby, it was in a pale cream color, but the blue really brought out the details and as my husband said made it “pop”.


Wicker chair, blue table, cushions


This little table was a green, which I really liked the color, found it in a flea market store, but the blue is what it needed!


Blue table and wicker chair


The paint on the wicker along with the new cushions really freshen things up!


wicker chairs and cushions

The birdcage I had found in a barn at my grandma’s when I met my sister there to “hunt for treasures” this is one of the items I found, and it was an old black rusty cage, but once I spray painted it in the blue it really looked cute!



I then added an touch of color with some bright flowers and a blue vase that I found at Hobby Lobby!


A touch of color!


And the project was completed!


screen porch

The Finished project!


So if your ready to freshen up your space, start thinking now! Now is the time to get started, so when spring comes you can enjoy it, without having to wait on cushions getting done or that special piece that you may need to order to arrive. Email me if you would like to spruce up your space and need some help or ideas.

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  1. Melody Harmon "Mel's Designs" Says:

    Love your back porch…we have one too…your new cabinet recycled project turned out very nice! Stop over on my blog and see what sewing projects I’ve completed…some for fun, some for sale and some to enjoy myself….

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