Life and a forgotten project!









I haven’t blogged lately, mainly because of 2 things.  I went on a Cruise with my sister, so was gone for almost 2 weeks.


We stopped in Routan first, and Zip lined for the first time.  It was funner then I thought it would be!



Then we stopped in Belize and visited the ruins for the day.

After Belize we went on to Cozumel, where we spent the day shopping!

and exploring a little bit of the island!


The weather and the island was beautiful.

But we had to come back to home where we found snow and bad news.



While I was gone our family member and pet of 13 years passed away!  She had gotten so she couldn’t see or hear and her back was giving out on her, so we were somewhat ready, but it was still hard on all of us.  Addie will be missed.

While I was looking for pictures to start working on an album for her I ran on to a project I had done several years ago and at the time wasn’t blogging or even thinking about blogging.  But I always thought this was an interesting project, and wanted to show it off some how, but never did.  Pictures don’t do it justice but here it is anyway.  First a little background about the project, I had a client that had a finished basement but smack dab in the middle of the wall was that lovely electrical box that you have on the wall.  The carpenter had made a lovely door with a frame and everything, so you could still get to the electrical panel, but it was still ugly!   We had made pillows, a duvet and a window treatment for the room and had left over fabric.  So the client gave me the fabric and said make it into an abstract piece of art that has texture and some dimension to it.  That is really all she said.   So I studied the pattern of the fabric which was more on the contemporary side and started working.  The first thing I did to give it some dimension was a technique called Trapunto, which gives the fabric a stuffed puffy look.


Then I added some ruched trim in some areas.

Covered some buttons in different colors and sizes and attached some other pieces of trim that I had.

And Viola, Art!

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4 Responses to “Life and a forgotten project!”

  1. Debra Lagemann Says:

    Love the art work Chrystal. I love to get projects like that. You are inspiring me, making me want to blog too! Absolutely beautiful.

    Looks like the trip was fabulous.

    So sorry about the doggie.


  2. Denise Lehmann Says:

    You are absolutely amazing! What a beautiful project. I bet the client will be thrilled.

  3. Jann Newton Says:


    That is a great project! Good job. Your trip looks wonderful,and again so sorry about your dog. Hard news to come home to.


  4. Jerry Says:

    You are an artist.

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