Grand Canyon Vacation Day 2

Woke up early and went for a walk with Mark and this is the view outside the hotel.

New Mexico(Tucumcari)

Ian took this for me as we were driving past.

After this the country side really started changing and the red rocks were amazing. The other thing we notice was the amount of trains we saw today.

New Mexico

New Mexico

Ate Lunch at Earl’s Family restaurant in Gallup New Mexico. Mark and Ian split the Navajo Taco.

Made it into Arizona and stopped at the visitors center.

We then made our way to the Petrified National Forest and drove the 28 mile road through the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest.

Finally got Hannah to come close to the edge and actually look out over it. I told her if she couldn’t do this there was no way she could handle the Grand Canyon!

View over the edge!

After that side trip, we then drove to Walnut Canyon National Monument. But it was closed by the time we arrived. There was an unpaved road off of the park road, so if you know us, we just had to take it. We drove down it a couple of miles and found a hiking trail. We only hiked 3-4 miles and really didn’t have a destination, just walked through the pine trees and enjoyed the early evening. I also finally got to take a couple of flower pictures!

At the end of the day we made it to Flagstaff Arizona. Tomorrow the South Rim of the Grand Canyon!

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