Day 3 of Grand Canyon Trip

We finally made it home last night and I have a secure internet link, so I can finally continue my blog diary of our vacation. My hope had been that I could do this as we traveled, but that soon became impossible due to poor internet connections to no service at all. Which if you are in the middle of no where should be expected!

So Day 3 we started out early and drove into the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Road

We figured after seeing this guy, we had it easy!

Finally the Grand Canyon!

Grand Canyon


We got there about 9 in the morning and had about a 30 minute wait to get in, and this wasn’t the busy season, so if you plan on going, get there early!  We reserved a campsite months ago, so once we got there we decided to set up camp before we went sightseeing.



As we set up camp we had several visitors to our campsite!  3 female Elk, and one was not shy at all!


Grand Canyon

Finally the Grand Canyon.  The first day here we decided to do the normal touristy thing and view it from the South Rim and walk around the edge.  They also have a Shuttle that will take you to just about every lookout and will even pick you up at the campsite or lodge that you are staying at, so no having to fight for parking and getting in and out of the car, which was very nice.  At first I didn’t think I would like the Shuttle system, but I must say it was great!

Grand Canyon

The view everyone sees when you go to the Canyon!

Grand Canyon

The daring trio!  Hannah and I decided to view from a safer distance!

Grand Canyon

What can I say, couldn’t pass up putting this pose in!

Bright Angel Trail in Grand Canyon

This is the Bright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon.  We plan on hiking it in a couple of days!


South Rim of Grand Canyon

“3 Little Monkey’s sitting in a tree”!


And of course my obsession with flowers.  Some of my friends will understand, others will not.  But I love flowers and always take pictures of them everywhere I go.
Penstemon Flower in the Grand Canyon

A Red Penstemon.

Yellow Flower in the Grand Canyon


And a yellow flower, not sure of the kind, search for it but could not come up with the name.

I will try to add a new day of the trip everyday until the trip is over.  Hope you enjoy a little taste of our vacation!  Because as you can imagine there are hundreds of pictures and this is just a very small part of them!

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  1. Jann Newton Says:

    Isn’t the Grand Canyon amazing! My son and I only had a few hours to visit there when we drove to LA, but it was well worth the detour, and my husband and I are hoping to go someday. Did you hike up from the bottom? Maybe that’s in the next post.

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