Day 4 of Grand Canyon Trip

Day 4 of the Grand Canyon Trip, we woke up fairly early and Mark made French Toast and sausage to start our morning out with a good meal, since we were going to hike down into the Canyon. Today we were hiking the South Kaibab Trail. A couple of things to know about the Canyon and hiking, which they constantly remind you of, is that it takes twice as long to hike back up the canyon as it does to hike down. So if you hike 1 hour down plan for at least 2 hours back up. Also the farther down the canyon you go the hotter it gets, and you need to drink lots of water. This hike did have a couple of spots that you could refill your water bottles with and we did take advantage of this.

South Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon

Starting our hike at the top.  Kind of like hiking a mountain upside down!  Except you are nice and fresh when you start out, but hot and tired when you have to go back up.

South Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon

On the trail, going down.

South Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon

Down, Down, Down!

South Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon

And more down!


South Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon

Finally made it to our turning point.  This is the view from where we stopped and decided to turn around.  It was another 1/2 mile down to the trail that you can see in the flat area, but this was a practice hike, to see how well we could do tomorrow on the Bright Angel Trail.

Cedar Ridge Point on the South Kaibab Trail in the Grand Canyon

This is what they called Cedar Ridge, which is about 2 miles down into the canyon.  Hannah does not like heights, so we joked that Becca was our body double for Hannah in the family pictures!  As a side note, this was a trip that Hannah had been wanting to go on for a long time!  Kind of funny since she is so scared of heights and that is really what the Grand canyon is all about.  But she did overcome some of her fears, just not all of them.

South Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon

Another view of Cedar Ridge!

South Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon

Resting on the way back up!

South Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon

Taking another break in the shade.  A valuable commodity in the canyon during the day.  Always try to hike early in the morning!

Grizzly Bear Prickly Pear in Grand Canyon

And of course another flower, this one is called the Grizzly Bear Prickly Cactus.

Thanks for taking another peek at our vacation.  Tomorrow Day 5 and our hike on the Bright Angel Trail!



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  1. Sunny newland Says:

    Wow! These pics are awesome!

  2. Maureen Singer Says:

    Looks like fun. Thanks for sharing.

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