Pillows, Cornice, and Slipcovers, Oh My!

Well now we’re back from vacation I can catch up with blogging about projects that I completed before we left. It was a whirlwind of finishing up jobs and getting them delivered. Friday late afternoon I delivered, various pillows, a cornice and 4 slipcovers. And then the evening got exciting! That was the Friday the tornado’s hit St. Charles and we decided to go out to dinner before we left early the next morning. As we were finishing up our meal at Tucano’s the Warnings on our phones went off, and then the sirens went off, so we decided to go back to the restrooms. As we enter the restrooms the lights went out. We spent 30 minutes waiting, not really knowing what was going on. After it was all over they had everyone leave and the meals were on the house. Later we found out that it had touched down within 3/4 of a mile of us. We were very lucky!

But on to the deliveries!  There were 5 of these pillows all together and I still have 6 more coordinating pillows make to go with them.  There was a lot of consulting with the designer, to decided exactly where to center everything up, but in the end they came out beautifully!  Designed by JCR Design Group.

JCR Design Pillows


Another little pillow that was delivered with the slipcovers.

Small lumbar pillow


A very pretty cornice with coordinating banding and welt cord.  There were also a couple of matching pillows to go with it.  Designed by JCR Design Group.

JCR Designs Cornice


Then there are the slipcovers.  There were actually 2 chairs and 2 ottomans, but I only brought one of each home with me to work on.  This is the first time I actually completely changed the style of the furniture with a slipcover.  These pieces are very contemporary and she wanted something more traditional.  I didn’t really change anything under the slipcover except on the ottoman.

Contemporary Chair before slipcover

Chair before.

Contemporary Chair before slipcover


Ottoman before.

Contemporary ottoman before slipcover


Because I was changing the style so much, I decided to make a pattern first.  I only made a partial slipcover with scrap pieces of lining,(I save almost everything, knowing that sooner or later I will be able to use it somehow), and then used the pattern pieces to cut out the slipcover.

Pattern making for slipcover


Chair and ottoman after.

Contemporary Chair and Ottoman after slipcover

I decided to box out the chair and put a skirt on it, to give it the more traditional look.  Same for the ottoman.  The only other change I had to make was on the ottoman and right where the ottoman starts curving down for the leg portion, I attached pieces of batting with spray adhesive  to square off the top of the ottoman.  I did not pattern match everywhere, because it would have taken a lot more fabric then she had and it is enough of an over all print, that I felt it looked okay.  I did center a motif on the back, front and seat, and pattern matched right in the front where the deck meets the front piece.

Contemporary Chair and Ottoman after slipcover

The customer was very pleased with the results!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

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