The Bird Chairs!

Last week I gave a little tease on Facebook showing the Fabric I was working with. I spent most of last week working on 2 chairs to re-upholster.  But before I get to the complete story I will explain the flower pictures.  Apparently Sydney grabbed my camera and took pictures of flowers in the garden.  She loves to do that and right now if you look at the garden over all it doesn’t look that great! (Needs some weed pulling done!)  But I decided to share some of the flowers she captured with the camera. So they will be interspersed between the chair pictures, so it won’t be a boring post just about upholstery.

Poker Flower


Here is the fabric we worked with, it was a beautiful Silver, blue, orange fabric with just a bit of a sheen, and a lovely orange velvet.  If you have been following along, these chairs go in the same house as the Banner valances and Pleated Drapes in a previous post.  We did the exact same window treatment in the Dining Room and these chairs set  at the end of the room.  Once the whole room is complete I will post pictures of it.

Bird Fabric and Orange Velvet


Of course another lovely flower!

Pink Flower


This is one of the chairs before it was stripped.  Sorry for the bad picture!

Before re-upholstery



Yellow Flower


The Chair stripped.  Hannah my middle daughter is home from college this summer and didn’t find a job, (she looked) so I decided to hire her and she stripped most of one of them.  Which helped greatly!   There was a lot of staples, as she said,”they love their staple gun!”

Stripped Chair


An Orange Lily popping up through Russian Sage.

Orange Lily Flower


And finally the finished product!  Two beautiful Chairs!

Re-upholster Bird Chairs


The light wasn’t great, so to get better pictures of the fabric I took one of them outside!

Re-upholster Bird Chairs

Aren’t the colors great!


Close up of the wing.

Re-upholster Bird Chairs



Re-upholster Bird Chairs



Re-upholster Bird Chairs


Customer was very happy, I delivered them yesterday and they went perfect with the wall color.  This was sort of an uplifting/depressing delivery, because it is in a neighborhood that was badly hit from the tornadoes that went through St. Charles a few weeks ago.  She has some damage, mostly to the exterior and to the back of the house, but some of her neighbors have extensive damage, and as she says, they were very lucky.  The uplifting part is that it brings a little happiness to her in this trying time.  Just in the short time I was there to deliver the chairs and pick up some other work, there were at least 4 other people (contractors, insurance agents) there, giving quotes and following up on the storm damage.

Re-upholster Bird Chairs


Thanks for taking the time out to read my blog, and I will hopefully be able to follow-up with more pictures of the completed room!


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