Dinner Tonight (Eros Eclectic Greek Taverna)

This post is out of the norm, but I thought I would introduce you to this place that has some different and unique dishes. Ever since the girls went off to College, Mark and I have tried to start having a Friday night date night. We have tried to find places we haven’t eaten before or places where we wouldn’t go with the kids. Early this spring we tried a new place down on Main Street in St. Charles, which has a large variety of restaurants. I found this one on-line, just looking for something different. It is Eros Eclectic Greek Taverna. It is a little Greek Italian eatery with a mix of fine cuisine. All of their products are made in-house and are accompanied by an extremely unique pairing of flavors. A couple owns and runs it and you can tell they put a lot of their heart and soul into it.


It was a beautiful evening tonight, still warm, but no humidity, so this time we requested to eat outside. It is small but very quaint and as we were sitting there waiting for our drinks, I starting noticing first that the patio area was lined with flower/herb beds, and there was a little herb garden tucked in the back. They had even used the two walls surrounding their patio in a couple of unique ways for growing flowers. So I had to take a couple of quick pictures.

Eros Eclectic Greek Taverna's Patio

Love these ideas! So simple and creative.

Eros Eclectic Greek Taverna's Patio

Especially like this one! Pots hanging from Shutters, how clever!


Then we ordered our food.  I had one of the specials which was Aged Filet with sautéed spinach and Arugula, and Greek Potatoes.  I decided to switch out the spinach for the Greek Green beans.  Mark ordered another one of the specials Fish Stew.  We also ordered a Mixed Greens Greek Salad to share, which there was plenty to share. (forgot to take a picture of it).  Also almost forgot to take pictures of the plates, so they aren’t picture perfect right out of the kitchen. But you’ll get the idea! : )


Aged Filet at Eros Eclectic Greek Taverna

I order my steak med rare, so sorry for all you queasy people who don’t!  To me this still wasn’t quiet rare enough.  The filet was okay, the one I had back in the spring was better.  The green beans and potatoes were good.


Fish Stew at Eros Eclectic Greek Travena

This is the Fish Stew, which had a variety of seafood in it, along with rice, and a tomato base broth.  Mark enjoyed it as usual.  He is the food connoisseur in our house!


So if you’re in the area of St. Charles and want something different you might want to try Eros!

Eros Eclectic Greek Travena

They are  at 140 N Main St, St Charles, MO 63301

Oh and this is not a paid endorsement!  They don’t even know I am writing about them!


Thanks for stopping by!

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