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Years ago I went to 4-H,  my brother and sister and I, joined Salem 4-H Club and learned a lot of life skills.  Leadership was one of them, because in 4-H the members(kids) are the officers and run the meetings.  But you also learn so much more.  In 4-H you choose projects and learn skills in your project area, and eventually make something.  Then you enter it into the County Fair where it is judged and if you are lucky then it goes to the State Fair.  The projects I choose to take were Foods(cooking), Clothing(sewing), crafts, and various other things.  I never succeeded in the Foods area, no matter how hard I tried I could never get a Blue Ribbon.  But in Clothing, I was successful.  So when I had children of my own, I enrolled them in 4-H and became a leader.  I am not saying I am a great leader, but I am very proud of the projects that the kids I teach make.  They do such a great job!

So in this post I am going to brag on them a little.  In the past, the 4-H kids did some great projects.


Rachel with her Duvet Cover.  She used an industrial straight stitch and industrial serger for the first time and did a great job.  The cover was reversible with a cording and a zipper.


Roman Shade

Meghan made a Polka Dot roman shade with trim on the bottom and a short little valance on the top.  She learned all about adhesives, and all the safety precautions you have to take now in making  Roman Shades.


Cute curtains

Heather made these cute Pink Polka Curtains, that hang from Medallions. She learned to use the Straight Stitch industrial, and the Industrial blindhemmer.  They turned out as cute as can be, and she did an awesome job.

Last year got busy and we didn’t get any projects done, so this year we worked it into the schedule to get some done!

It work out that the projects the girls chose they didn’t have to do any sewing!  They did learn how to use a jig saw,  a pneumatic stapler, and a button making machine.

Rachel picked out a project that I had pinned from Pinterest.  She is a Senior this year, so she is looking to the future when she will be living in a dorm room.


She chose to make cute little storage crate stools, she made 2 of them, in 2 different fabrics, but I didn’t get a picture of the first one.


A great idea for storage and extra seating in a small space.  She cut the plywood to size then added a layer of foam, and batting.  Then she layered interlining on top, because the fabric is a lighter weight fabric, then she stapled on the fabric and covered the back with black cambric(dustcover) to finish it off.  She did a great job!


Meghan chose to make a bulletin board for her room, one that she can use push pins in or slide things in between the ribbon.

Bulletin Board

She also used plywood and learned to use a jig saw, then she layered an acoustic ceiling tile on top of it, with a layer of batting, to give it a padded look.  Then she crisscrossed the ribbon stapling the ribbon to the back.  After, she used really long staples in the center of the ribbons and made her buttons with a button making machine and hot glued them on.  She also finished up the back with the black cambric dust cover.

Bulletin Board

She also did a great job and it came out really cute!

I just want to say thank you to Rachel and Meghan for letting me teach them and I hope they enjoy their projects for many years to come!

So for those who don’t know what 4-H is here is the pledge they say at the beginning of each meeting, along with the Pledge of Allegiance.

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  1. Jann Newton Says:

    You should brag on them and yourself! Great job!

  2. Maureen Singer Says:

    What a wonderful act of kindness. Amazing you found time, but it’s a life skill they will never forget. Good for you Chrystal! Congrats to all the projects.

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