Lots of Upholstery going on!

Between vacations, Dr. appointment’s (just maintenance mostly on 3 teenagers, before they go off to school again) and every day life, there has been a lot of stripping going on.  Stripping of furniture that is!  We have gone through 1000’s of staples and a few band aids! It seems like in the last couple of months we have been doing a lot of upholstery work.  Upholstery work is hard and often dirty work, so I recruited Hannah my 19-year-old to help out in the workroom this summer since she wasn’t able to find a job. (except dog sitting, which she has been doing quite a bit of)  So in between letting the dogs out, reading her books and pinning stuff for her future wedding, house and life, she has been pulling staples, and lots of them.

Stripping a chair seat


As you can see she has the method down.  Headphones on listening to her Country music tunes, she uses the staple remover, then hammer if needed, then pulls the staple out with the needle nose pliers.  9 dining room seats, and most of a wing back chair, and 2 band aids she is finally done!

Stripping a chair seat


While she is working on her seats, I have another chair to strip.  It is going to be in the same Bird Fabric and Orange Velvet, the 2 Wing Back chairs we had completed previously were in.

Upholstery Tools


As you can see I have most of the tools needed to strip a piece of furniture.  A good staple remover, (there are several different kind, but this is my favorite one), hammer, and a pair of needle nose pliers.  I also try to have a magnet close by to collect all the staples that go flying.  I  like a small trash can to put all the staples in.  A sharpie is nice to have, to mark the pieces as you take them off.  I save all the pieces and use them as the basic pattern for the new pieces, so I usually mark what the piece is and put an arrow for the direction it goes.

upholstery tools


The stripped chair.  I didn’t get a picture of the finished chair, but once I go back to the customers house I will try to remember to get one.

stripped chair


Here are the 8 dining room seats that Hannah stripped, all re-upholstered and ready to install into the Dining Room Chairs.

Dining Room Chair Seats


Along with all the Chairs we also had a cute little ottoman come in to re-upholster.  The customer had already joined the fabric to create  the design, so all I had to do is center it up, and sew the cording and sides on and slip it over the ottoman and then fasten a covered button to the top.  Cute as can be!

Cute ottoman


The ninth chair seat was for another customer who had chosen a lovely yellow and blue toile.  We also made a cute little pillow with a beautiful tassel trim on it to go with it.

Pillow and slip seat for a chair


Last but not least was this beautiful wooden chair, that I recovered the seat of.  I love the fabric the designer chose, it really updated the look of the chair.

Upholstered Wooden Chair


Sydney my photographer of the family took some pictures of it, and with her creative eye, I think she really captures the beauty of this chair.

Upholstered Wooden Chair


I love the wood and lines of this very classic chair.

Upholstered Wooden Chair


Can’t help one last picture of it.  Would love to have a chair like this one!  (Can you tell I am having chair envy)

Upholstered Wooden Chair


Oh and in between stripping and upholstering furniture, I made it out to my backyard to work in the garden to do some badly needed pruning and weeding.  As I was pruning back my very overgrown Mock Orange bush, which was right next to a Tulip Poplar Magnolia tree, I looked up and look what I discovered!


A Little Brown Bat!

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3 Responses to “Lots of Upholstery going on!”

  1. Maureen Singer Says:

    Looks like live been busy. Tell Hannah the photos are great.

  2. Maureen Singer Says:

    Sorry, looks like I can’t spell. My previous comment should read: looks like you’ve been busy. Tell Hannah her photos are great.

  3. Jann Newton Says:

    Wow Chrystal, you guys have been busy! Everything looks great, and I really love the ottoman. Your customer did a great job sewing the pieces together.

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