Pillows and their trimmings!

Pillows are a great addition to a room, they can bring instant color and style to a plain or boring sofa, chair or bed. They can add that extra pop of color to a room. Pillows can easily be changed out for the season. I have pillows for my sofa for each of the different seasons. This time around when I bought my new sofa I went with a solid, neutral color, so I could change-up the room just by switching out the pillows.

There are a lot of different styles and trims  for  pillows and recently I have made quite a few different ones, so I thought I would share some of them with you and explain some of the basic types of trims and edges.

The two pillows below are a Flange edge pillow with a tassel trim in the seam area of the flange.  This is an 18″ pillow that looks larger because of the 2 1/2″ flange.

Floral Flange Edge Pillows with Fringe Trim

Flange Edge with Tassel Trim

The Plaid pillows are also 18″ but they have a large ruched welting on their edge.  The welt cord is a 1/2″ cording with the fabric scrunched onto the cording creating the ruched effect.

Plaid Pillows with large Ruched Cording
Ruched Edge Plaid Pillow

Another trim that is very popular is the brushed fringe trim.  It comes in lots of colors and varieties.

Floral Pillows with Brush Fringe Trim
It is sewn into the seam just like a cording is.

Floral Pillows with Brush Fringe Trim
Another trim is the tassel trim that is applied on the top edge of the pillow.

Blue and Yellow Toile Pillow with Tassel Trim and Upholstered Seat


For this large bolster that went in a little girls room we used three different types of trims.  On the very out edge is a small black welt cord. You can see it on the far end of the bolster pillow.

Large Paisley Bolster with Brush Fringe Trim and Pleated Ruffle Edge.


Then we added the green brush trim and a pleated ruffle. This was a lot of layers, but with my walking foot industrial sewing machine, I was able to sew through all the layers. A normal sewing machine would not have been able to sew through all the layers. I also basted the layers together before sewing it.

Large Paisley Bolster with Brush Fringe Trim and Pleated Ruffle Edge.


This last pillow is a new technique that I learned from an article in the Drapery & Design Professional magazine. Donna Cash wrote a great how to article on how to make this Flange. This pillow was created with leftovers of fabric from the Dining room Project I am working on for a client. The monogrammed A was also an extra practice A, and it was just lying around. I created the pillow to go on a chair I recovered for the foyer that connected the living room and dining room, bring all of the elements together in this pillow to tie everything together. The Flange is 3/4″ and there is a matching micro cord between the pattern fabric and the velvet. The back of the pillow is also the orange velvet. The client was very pleased.

Pieced Monogram Pillow with Flange Edge

So in the end, the possibilities for pillows is endless!  Let your imagination take flight and dream up some great looking pillows. I would love to create them for you!

Floral Flange Edge Pillows with Fringe Trim and Plaid Ruched Corded Pillows

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  1. Jann Newton Says:

    Nice job! Love the neckroll pillow with the ruffle and the brushed fringe. Yay for the walking foot machine!

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