Window Treatments from Conception to Completion.

So lately I have been using my rendering program (Minutes Matters), a program where you can show the customer what their vision of their window treatment will look like.  It is a wonderful tool that can quickly give them the visual of what the fabric and style they chose will look like on their window or a window.  There are 2 kinds of renderings you can do.  The first is where I don’t have a picture of the window and I just quickly create one with the window treatment of their choice and then I can add the fabric they picked out.     bathroom-swag-jpg

This client had her fabric picked out and the style, so just to verify the style and be sure we were on the same page, I quickly drew up the window and treatment and emailed it to her.  She was able to respond immediately and we could proceed with the project. Medallion Swag

And here is the finished project!


Another situation is where we are not sure exactly how to make the window treatment.  We know the style, but not the exact specifications. 3-swags-and-3-swagsjpg In this rendering I drew the windows with 3 swags on each window but different sizes, because the windows were different sizes. 3-swags-and-4-swagsjpg In this rendering the swags were created the same size, but 3 swags in the first window and 4 swags in the second window. The customer chose to go with the first choice.  I have yet to create this window, but it is in the works, so pictures to follow.


In the next few renderings I was able to take a picture of the actual window, and create the rendering on the window, which gives an even more realistic picture of the completed project. Claudine Valance This rendering is a Claudine Valance on 4 medallions with 3 swags, in the customer’s fabric. Flat Valance with Sheering on ends. A flat valance with sheering on the ends. Carolina Valance

A Carolina Valance with 3 swags on 4 medallions.


Carolina Valance

And another Carolina with 2 swags on 3 medallions.

Carolina Valance with alterations

The Customers Final Choice. The Carolina Valance with 2 swags and 3 medallions.  It came out really cute and the customer was very happy!


The next customer we worked with had an Atrium window, which is a 2 story window in a ranch style house.  There are several things you have to consider in this situation.  First unlike most 2 story window treatments that you would be looking up at, these you look right at, just like in a normal window, but they are actually extra long.

I gave the customer several choses, this rendering had a valance all the way across connecting all of the windows with long panels down the sides. atruim-window-bordeaux-valance-jpg   In this one we did just long panels water falling over a board.  The headings were different, but same concept. atruim-window-drapes-onlyjpeg   On this one we added Banner valances to the top with 2 different shapes. atruim-window-drapes-and-banners-jpeg   And on this one we added the Rod and Finals, giving a couple of different looks. The first 2 are hanging from rings, and the next 2 are just showing the finals, no rod or rings, and the panels are done in a simple pinch pleat. atruim-pinch-pleated-drapes The customer chose to go with the Pinch Pleat Panels with the Rod and rings.


Long Pinch Pleat Drapes

They came out beautiful!


If you are having a problem visualizing your window treatments and ideas, just give me a call and we can help you out!

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