A Slipcover History!

White Slipcover Sofa

So before the holidays I had a lot of jobs to get done, and some I showed you in this post.  But another one of the projects was making new slipcovers for a sofa, chair and ottoman.  Approx. 7 years ago I made the slipcovers for these three pieces and this is one of the only times I took the old slipcovers and made the new ones by taking the old ones apart and using them as the pattern.  After that experience I always advise people not to do this.  Some of the reasons are the fabric stretches and shrinks in different places and it won’t fit as well as a new one.  The technique I usually use is called reverse pin fit and I feel it makes a much better it.  This time when I redid the slipcovers I brought the pieces home and pin fitted them and changed up how they were made before.  Personally I like them better this time.  So with no further ado here are the pictures of the before, after 7 years of use, and new again!

 Slipcover sofa

This is the slipcover I made for the client 7 years ago.  Then she was more into the Shabby chic look and wanted a longer skirt and looser looking slipcover.

Slipcover sofa

And this is the finished Chair and ottoman.

Below is the old worn out slipcover 7 years later.

Old Floral Slipcover Sofa

Apparently one side of the sofa is favored!

Old Floral Slipcover Chair and Ottoman

The Chair and ottoman have held up a little better, but will look a lot fresher with a new look.

The new look for the sofa, without the cushions.

White Slipcover Sofa without Cushions

With the new slipcover she wanted a new updated look.

White Slipcover Sofa

Which I think she got.  With this slipcover, I washed and dried all the fabric before I cut it out, so she could wash it.  Which was probably a good idea with it being white and her have grand kids that visit often.

White Slipcover Chair and Ottoman

The finished Chair and Ottoman.

White Slipcover Ottoman

Close ups of the ottoman.

White Slipcover Ottoman

White Slipcover Chair

The details!

White Slipcover Chair Arm Detail

And the client was very happy.  Here is a note she sent me after she had them for a few days.

“This is the second time Chrystal has made slipcovers for me for my beloved comfy couch, chair, and ottoman.  Both times she did such an amazing job.  Her skills are superb and it shows.  Her service over-the-top.  We are so lucky to have Chrystal to count on!  Ilene Jones, neighbor”

Thanks Ilene for the kind words!

White Slipcover Chair and Ottoman

Hope you enjoyed this peek into the history of  these slipcovers!

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  1. Jenni Kadon Says:

    Fun to see, you did a beautiful job!

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