A Custom Touch!

Hand sewn trim

There are many reasons to have custom drapes made.  A few are: you get to pick your own fabric, they fit your window, they have better linings, and are usually just plain made better.  But this Post is about another reason.  The trim on the drapes, valance or whatever treatment you are having made, can be sewn on by hand.  Sometimes trims are sewn on by machine or adhesives are used.  And I have used all three methods depending on the fabric, treatment, trim etc.

Hand sewn trim

There are several reasons for having the trim hand sewn on.  If you sew the trim on then it can easily be removed.  If the customer decides to change-up the treatment, or moves to another home and takes the treatment with them and they need to be altered.  They could be used in another room and need to be altered, or you could decide to change-up the look.  It is easier to remake or alter if the trim has been sewn on by hand.  Some trims are very expensive, so you could reuse the trim on another treatment or on pillows or bedding.

Blue Check Drapes and Trim

Trims can really make a window treatment and are a real investment in the overall look,  so next time you are thinking about a Drape, or valance, don’t forget the benefit of adding some trim and how it will be applied.

 Just a short post on one of the items I worked on today in my nice warm cozy basement!  Brrr! its cold out there!

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  1. Jann from Newton Custom Interiors Says:

    Very nice! Love the trim with that fabric.

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