Another Slipcover Project Completed and How to make back cushion inserts!

New  Pattern Matched Slipcovers

First I would like to apologize for the very long title!  But when I picked up this job to re-slipcover, the client asked if I could have new back cushions made for the loveseat.  And I of course said yes!  But after thinking about it I didn’t want to wait for them to be made.  My turn around time is quicker than that.  To send off for them I would have had to send a template to them and then the company would have made them and shipped them, so there would have been shipping cost on top of the cost of the cushions.  I made an executive decision to make them myself.  So today we delivered these slipcovered pieces to the customer and she was very happy.

I made the first set for these pieces several years ago, and now she was wanting something new.  Here are what the old ones looked like when we picked them up.  Still in pretty good condition, she just wanted something more cheerful.

Old Slipcovers

So while my friend Marlene made up all the cording for the slipcovers, I made the new inserts for the back cushions of the love seat.

Making of a back cushion insert

I first cut the 2 pieces, back and front of the insert, and drew the lines on the fabric where I would sew on the baffle sections on each piece.  Baffles are divided areas inside the cushion to better control the filling, keeping it in place.

Sewn in baffles in a cushion insert

Here are the baffles sewn into the front and back pieces.

Ready to stuff the insert

I have sewn the front and back to the banding on the sides and it is ready for stuffing.

Finished Cushion Insert

Cushion is stuffed and sewn shut and ready to go!

The next step on this project was to figure out all the pattern matching!

Slipcover on loveseat, pattern matched

On the love seat I made the decision to match everything except the little center piece.  With 2 cushions there was no way to perfectly match up the center  piece if it was all one piece, so I seamed it where the cushions meet, it is a very small section.  But now the cushions, front piece and skirt can all flow together.

Pattern Matched Slipcovered Chair

The chair was also patterned matched, along with the ottoman.

Slipcovered Ottoman

Some close-ups of the chair.

Pattern Matched Slipcovered Chair

Arm detail on the chair.

Slipcovered arm

All the pieces were made to match each other.

New Slipcovers

With this repeat and all of the matching required it took more fabric then the client had realized.  She had purchased the fabric and pre-washed it, so I wasn’t exactly sure how much fabric she had ordered.  I realized while making the body and cushions of the loveseat that I might run out of fabric, so I then skipped to making the body and cushions of the chair and ottoman, then figured out how much fabric I would need to complete the skirts.  I needed 4 more yards, so I called up the client and explained that I could complete the job without matching and only need 1 more yard, but to really look right we needed 4 yards, she agreed.  I was luckily able to order the 4 yards from the same place (still on sale and free shipping)and wash it for her.  Finished up the skirts and the job was completed!

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12 Responses to “Another Slipcover Project Completed and How to make back cushion inserts!”

  1. Jenni Kadon Says:

    Beautiful job!

  2. Lisa DeVita Says:

    VERY nice job! I had to do similar matching on a sofa and I know how much planning is involved. What material did you use to stuff the back cushions with?

  3. Chrystal Says:

    I used Rowley’s poly-cluster fill. Both of them together used basically a full bag.

  4. Pam Ward Says:

    Wow, Crystal, this was a huge job! It looks awesome! What a fun updated look, and so nice the client was agreeable to doing the right thing on the extra yardage. Nice it was still on sale etc. Love it when things “work out” like that. People have no idea the work involved to put out such nice work 🙂

  5. lorraine bernstein Says:

    Very nice work. Love the fabric. You did a great job on the pattern matching.

  6. Leslie Fehling Says:

    Masterful job, Chrystal!

  7. Tammy@InStitches Says:

    Looks great ! I used that fabric on a window seat cushion and valance so I know all about matching that pattern !

  8. ren Says:

    Amazing work. I’m so going to use that! I’d love to see you link up with us at the Inspire Us Thursdays! link party at

  9. Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow Says:

    You do beautiful work and the fabric is stunning!

  10. Kahli Says:

    Really great job. It looks so professional. I haven’t made any slipcovers before, but I have upholstered several a few pieces.

  11. 2014 Year in review Says:

    […] I did a lot of slipcovers this year, and this was one of my more difficult ones, because of all the pattern matching and I also built new back cushions and showed you how I did it.  Learn how to make back cushions here. […]

  12. 美国代购快递 Says:

    Thanks for finally talking about > Pattern Matched Slipcovers and Cushion inserts < Liked it!

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