Catching up! Windows, Pillows, and Life!

It’s been a few weeks since I have posted a blog, I am falling behind with my New Years resolution.  So I will try to cover a lot of ground with some projects I have finished in the last few weeks, and my big accomplishment that I completed last weekend.

Round Tableskirt

I finished this round table skirt with some great bullion trim a few weeks ago, but have been unable to deliver, due to the client being out-of-town.  But I am sure when it finally is in its home, it will look great!

Recovered dining room seats

These 8 dining room chairs have been recovered and also ready for their home, but the floors where they live are being redone, so they are also waiting to go back home!  My living room is beginning to get full again!

Toile Cornice

We installed some cornices, last week, and we had a couple of watchers while we were installing.  The Pink Toile looked great in this updated kitchen.  This client found me on the web, and brought the fabric and measurements to me and it all worked out perfectly.

Toile Cornice

I closed the verticals to take a picture and the poor pets behind, did not like being left out, so I quickly reopened them!

Toile Cornice

We also did a cornice that just fit in the opening for the Kitchen Window.

Toile Cornice


I also worked on some more pillows, in a gold velvet, and geometric strip, and a couple in a floral fabric.  These were designed by JCR Design Group.


Velvet and Floral Pillows


The Gold Velvet pillows were reversible  in the geometric stripe.


Reversiable Pillows


And this valance is for my middle daughter’s college apartment.  She and her roommates picked out the fabric and style, and I fit it into my schedule.


Empire Valance


She and her roommates signed the lease for next year already so they will be there for another year, and will be able to enjoy it.

Empire Valance in Waverly Fabric


Last year I made a cute little valance for her dorm room, and new she would be moving so I made it in a style that would be very easy to change the size.


Shirred on Rod Valance


So the accomplishment happened Easter weekend on Sat. down in Springfield Mo.  I ran my first 1/2 Marathon!

1/2 Marathon

It was the Go Girl Run, so they strongly encouraged only women to run in it.

Go Girl 1/2 Marathon

All ages, sizes, and abilities were there.  There was a lot of groups who encourage each other.  I had been working on this for many weeks now and this was the day.  I could not believe I was really doing this!

Go Girl 1/2 Marathon

It was a perfect day with temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s.  I was hoping to complete it in a little over 3 hours!  I am a slowwww runner!

Go Girl 1/2 Marathon

I managed to complete it in 2 hrs, 57 mins, and 30 secs!  I was exhausted!

Go Girl 1/2 Marathon Springfield MO.

But I got one of the biggest and prettiest 1/2 marathon medals ever!


And then it was Easter!  All the grand kids together, Andrew came in from Florida, and Jeff came in from Houston.


 The Grand Kids and Grandma Younger!

Thanks for stopping by!  More projects are in progress!


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  1. sue hausmann Says:

    As I’ve said before, you are so talented! Congrats on your half marathon!

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