The Twin Chairs and my garden.

It has been awhile since I posted on Facebook or worked on a blog, life has been busy with graduations, birthdays, baby showers, and gardening, not including working.  I have also not been very good at taking pictures lately, so haven’t had anything to show.  I did snap a few pictures of a pair of chairs I reupholstered for a client.

Red Plaid Chairs

This job had a first for me.  The chairs were delivered to me from Thomasville, and the client provided the fabric.  They were upholstered in a Neutral fabric and the client brought me this lovely plaid.  I call these chairs the twins, because I wanted them to look alike as much as possible.

Red Plaid Chair

Plaids are hard to work with, but also easy!  How is that you ask?  The plaid gives you nice straight lines to follow when you cut, but every little line has to match up!  I pretty much made them exactly like they were orginally upholstered.  The only real change I made was moving the buttons up 3 inches.  I did that for a couple of reasons.  I positioned the buttons right in the middle of the stripe and I thought the buttons lowered made the chairs look squatty.


Red Plaid Chairs

I will add a couple of pointers to having chairs reupholstered.  First if you are purchasing the fabric and giving it to your upholsterer, DO NOT cut fabric from the bolt until everything is done.  Usually there are leftovers, but sometimes, espeicallly with a large repeat, all of the fabric maybe needed, and you don’t want to run out.  If you run out of fabric there is no guarantee that more can be ordered, and that the dye lot of the fabric will be the same.  There will often be leftovers if pillows are wanted.  I am giving this warning because I used every bit of the length of this fabric and the backs of both of the chairs do not match up as twins.  So the other hint is, if you are using a large repeat always add extra fabric to your order.  Also always let your upholsterer know if the fabric is a plaid, stripe, or large floral, all of those fabrics take much more time to do.

Now for my hobby!  My garden, which I have sadly negelected for several years, so this spring I ordered 12 yds of mulch.  You ask how much is 12 yards?  A LOT!  But we finally got it all off the driveway last weekend. YEAH! So while I was finishing up, Mark went around and took a few pictures.

Black Iris

This is what I call a black iris, which I got from my neighbor, last year before they moved.

Yellow Iris


Purple Iris






Chrystal's Garden

This is the back hill in our yard,and it was the last thing we worked on and the most out of control.  But it looks a lot better now!


And last but not least, Hannah turned 20 this weekend.

Happy Birthday Hannah

 Next up is Ian’s Graduation from High School.  Which is today!

Ian Senior pic jeep

Ian senior pic. Red Shirt

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5 Responses to “The Twin Chairs and my garden.”

  1. Debra Lagemann Says:

    Crystal, your work is exquisite. Your yard is beautiful. I am in awe. Thanks for sharing. Debra

  2. Debra Lagemann Says:

    And congratulations to your son! Your photographer is my cousin. God Bless. Debra

  3. Celeste Says:

    The chairs are wonderful but I really love your irises. Mine still aren’t even budding but now with some warmer days I hope to see some soon.

  4. Stephanie Says:

    The chairs look great and so does your garden !
    Congrats to Ian !

  5. JoEllen Says:

    Chrystal, you have so much talent to get these chairs looking like identical twins! I love how they turned out. You have a beautiful yard, too, and the mulch pile went to good use to define those edges! Now you can relax and smell the roses! Enjoy the kids and their special days coming up. Congrats to Ian!

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