Before and After Pictures and Some of Sydney’s Creative work!

Once again I have been bad about posting, but I have been busy, and just haven’t taken pictures of what I am working on because it just isn’t that interesting or I haven’t installed it yet.  Today we did install a room full of inverted box pleat valances and cornices.  This process happened a lot like the post that I wrote last time.  I met with the client and took measurements, and a picture so I could do a rendering on the window so she could see what it would look like.  I also sent her a couple of samples of fabric to pick out her final choice.



Breakfast Window before


I just did a couple of renderings, because we had decided on a basic style, but I sent her 2 choses, one which had smaller boxes.

Breakfast Room with smaller boxes jpg


And one with larger boxes, one for each window.

Breakfast Room with large boxes

She liked the less busy look of the larger boxes, so that is what we went for!  So here are the after pictures.

Box Pleat Valance and Small Cornice

Inverted Box Pleat Valance

They really warmed the room up and brought height to the room.

Inverted Box Pleat Valances

For the door leading outside and over the Kitchen sink, she wanted cornices and I think they completed the look.

Small Cornice

And over the sink!

Kitchen sink window with Cornice

Now on to Sydney.  Sydney is my oldest and is very creative in a lot of ways.  She loves to write and take photos, so I thought I would share some of what she has been doing this spring.  This is a poem she wrote this week, and to give you an idea of how long it took her, she probably spent less then 1/2 hr on this. I also included some pictures she has been taking.

Hello June,

May 31, 2014 at 9:17am

Hello June,

You couldn’t have come more soon –                                   Syd's rain drop on flower

For it’s been awhile,

Since I’ve seen your vibrant smile –

You welcome me,…

With a fragrant gift –

A sweet, warm breeze,

Sweeping through the budding leaves –

A soft caress,

Of whirling spring rain –

You make me laugh,

With your charming whispers –

Of the bright-bursts of blooming flowers,

You, my dear –


Have been missed –

For in your Presence,

I feel Him –

Draws most near,Syd's peonie and shoes

His touch most intimate –

It erases all hopelessness,


In this tender moment –

Carries me through the Darkness,

He tells me –

He’s never left me,

Yet, he leaves a mark invisible to eyes of others,

A mark only I can see –

That reveals my true Beauty,

This I know:

I have been kissed by the Holy Spirit –

The God Almighty,

Loves even me –

In all my negativity,

In all my heart’s Misery –

He lifts me up,

On you dear June –

And sets me a’ flight,

On your bluest of skies!


And some of her other work.


Syd's Bee and poem

Syd's crocus

Syd's barn

So there is a little bit of Sydney’s art in writing and pictures.  She can churn this out daily, if only she had an outlet for it!

Hope to be back soon.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Melanie Henry Says:

    Thanks for sharing Chrystal. Your work is beautiful! I like the larger box pleats as well. And agree about the warm ness they add along with the way they added height. I love your daughters poem, beautifully written and very touching. She must be following in her Mom’s creative footsteps….Happy June!!!

  2. Cornices Says:

    […] Today I am going to tell a story of what I call the Cursed Cornices and also admit to one of the biggest and worse mistakes I have made in the 18 years that I have been doing this.  It started out just like any other client, in fact I had completed a beautiful job for this client in her kitchen/breakfast room. I even did a post on it. Here […]

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