A Hodge Podge of things we have been doing in the workroom!

It has been a while since I posted, so I have several projects to show you in various stages.  Some of this I have posted on Facebook, but not all of it.  It is sometimes hard what to post and what not to post on Facebook, or should I save it for the blog only?  It is easier to post on FB, so sometimes I just get impatient and can’t help myself and just put a quick picture on there.  I also think that not everyone goes and reads my blog, but they do see my FB page.

Floral Embroidered Linen Cornice with Drapes

So on to the projects,  this one was a huge cornice 12′ x 24″ deep.  It was designed by JCR Design Group by Kristin Kisling.  I start out  pre-lining the board, then I add a layer of cornice batting and put a layer of interlining over that.  So when you add your fabric you don’t have to do any pulling and it helps with ripples etc.

Interlined Cornice


This is the beautiful fabric the client and Kristin chose.  It was so rich in color and turned out beautiful on the cornice.

Floral Embroidered Linen Fabric


And then a couple of weeks ago we installed it.  It was gorgeous!


Floral Embroidered Linen Cornice with Drapes

The drapes underneath it were of a faux silk with interlining and Trinity blackout lining.  They also had a beautiful band down the leading edge.  All the hems and trim on these were handsewn.

Cornice and Panels with trim on leading edge


I didn’t get a great picture of the trim along the edge.  Here is another view of the room.

Floral Embroidered Linen Cornice with Drapes


The next project I worked on was a continuation of a previous project.  We had made small cornices for the living room and recovered the Dining room chairs, but we did not replace the drapes underneath or do anything to the dining room window.

Living Room with new Cornices


The room looked great, but the client still felt it need just a little more.  And now the dining room window looked really out of place.


Before of Dining Room


She wanted to add some height and color to that side of the room, so we decided to go with a cornice over the rod and new panels under all the cornices.


Cornice and Drapes

The new cornice and drapes really set the room off!

Cornice and Drapes


And the drapes in the Living Room were just the right touch!

Cornice and Drapes

They still needed a little bit of training at the bottom, so we left them tied for a few days.

Cornice and Drapes

I also made a cute little black and white ottoman slipcover for another client.

Black and White Slipcovered Ottoman

And have been working on this project, that is almost finished.  It was not hard to sew, but it involved a lot of planning and fore thought.  I had to make a template of the window, which you can see behind it, and then had to work the pattern to make it fit that size of window.  I have a magic fairy who helps me with this! 🙂

Bombay Arched Valance

Right now it is hanging on my wall, but once we install it I will show you the finished project.  It is made out of beautiful velvet fabrics!

Beautiful Thibaut Fabric

And this week I am working on this beautiful Thibaut fabric, making a 19′ wide Queen Anne Valance, lots of pieces!

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  1. Marie Mouradian ~ Window Designs Etc. Says:

    Wow Crystal you’ve been busy!
    Your work is beautiful.

    I can’t wait to see the finished Queen Anne valance from the Thibault fabric. What a joyful fabric to work on in the summertime.

    Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

  2. Holly Blumeyer Project Before and After Says:

    […] Holly Blumeyer is one of the designers that I work with on a regular basis.  Sometimes the projects take a while to complete but once they are done, the results are stunning.  This project started several months ago, when I went to measure and take a few before pictures.  If you recall I posted this fabric several months ago in this post. […]

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