Day 4 of Upholstery Class.

So this is what my chair looked like on day 3.

CHF 32

Still needed a cushion, back, bottom and some hand sewing.  I also wanted to add a little detail with buttons.

First up for the day was making a cushion.

CHF 36

Kathy showed us a great method on pattern matching a cushion and how to construct a cushion in very efficient  method


CHF 34

In making the cushion and also the inner back, we got to use the foam saw. Which makes it on my tool of the day list.  For 1″ foam, we just used our scissors to cut the foam, but with the thicker foam we were able to try out the foam saw.  I normally use an electric knife (the one you carve the turkey with).  The foam saw is a big expense, so may not get this tool for a while.


CHF 35

Kathy had a slight accident with a bottle of fray check on her favorite shorts, so she had to get creative, while she was getting the fray check out.  She got it all out and ironed them dry.  But she is still peeling it off  her legs! 🙂



Alice worked really hard on her chair to day, and is doing a great job, for never having done any thing like this before.  She is from the area, and just discovered the class and decided to try it out, to see if this is something she might want to do when she retires from her other job.


CHF 38

The lunch group!  Cathy Tucker is teaching Windows 201, and has 2 students.  I will show off their projects in the next post.  They are doing great work.  Belinda (on the right of Cathy Maddox) is our new Andy!


CHF 39

Kathy showed us how to add buttons to our chairs, to add some detail to them.



Remember this chair from day one.  This is the example chair.  So today, Kathy dolled it up to look like this:

CHF 37

She added a skirt, trim and cute pillow!

CHF 44

Cathy steaming her chair to give it the final touch!

CHF 43

This is Alice’s chair at the end of day 4.  I know she will get it finished tomorrow!

CHF 58

Cathy’s chair on the 4th day!  Still have some hand sewing to do and then she is done!

CHF 42

My chair on the 4th day.  And I also have some hand sewing to do.  I also added the pillow for a cuteness factor!


Don’t forget to check out tomorrow, when I show some of  the other classes’ projects!


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