Day 5 of Upholstery Class

Today we finished up our chairs, discussed skirts, arm covers, and ordering supplies.


To finish our chairs we learned how to hand sew with a curved needle.

CHF 59

Hand sewing with a curved needle has always kind of scared me, so I never spent much time trying it.  With Kathy’s instruction, it was not as scary or as hard as I thought it would be.


CHF 50

Here is my first attempt at hand sewing. I closed the outside arm to the front of the key, and along the bottom of the leg.

CHF 51

All 3 of the chairs!  Alice didn’t quiet have her’s done when we took the pictures, but she was well on her way to getting it finished.

CHF 53

Alice’s chair.

CHF 48

Cathy’s Chair.

CHF 52

My Chair.

CHF 49

As promised here is some of the projects created by Window Treatments 201 taught by Cathy Tucker.  Shirley and Tessa did some great work!

CHF 56

Banding and edge treatment sample.

CHF 55

They made swags and cascades.

CHF 54

They also made Box pleat valances and trapezoid Shades.

CHF 46

CHF 47

CHF 61

Cathy Tucker giving some pointers.

CHF 45

Tessa and Shirley completed the class.

Some of my view on the way home.

Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain!

It rained part of the way, but not real bad.  I now know to avoid Nashville during rush hour.  And I would like to think Adele, Zac Brown Band, Alan Jackson, George Straight, Dixie Chicks, and Jimmy Buffett for helping get to Roswell and back home,  without them I don’t know how I would have made it. 🙂


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7 Responses to “Day 5 of Upholstery Class”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Hi Chrystal. Enjoyed reading about your week at CHF. Chair looked great !

  2. Pam Ward Says:

    Looks like an awesome week! You will love that curve needle. I have no idea how or why I started using those, but it’s been most of my years in business and I love them! Also, I bought my foam saw on ebay I believe, used. It’s a Bosch, it’s never given me any trouble, and I got a decent buy. Your chair is darling! Glad you had a safe trip :)Thanks for blogging!

  3. Anne Lutz Says:

    Loved reading about your experience at CHFA. Your chair looks great! I like your choice of music. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jayne Bergeman Says:

    Thanks for sharing the class. I have always wanted to take it.
    Your chair looks beautiful. You have already done quite a bit of upholstery, did you find the class informative?

  5. Chrystal Says:

    Jayne, Yes I did find it very informative, some of it I knew, but reaffirmed what I was doing. I also had not really built a chair up from the wood before, without something to follow, and that was something I really wanted to learn. I do think I would like to take the 301 class that teaches the different back techniques.

  6. Lois Says:

    Love the chairs! Can’t wait to get to the new CHF location one of these days. I want a cute chair too!!!!

  7. Tammy@InStitches Says:

    They look great ! I met the Cathys last time I was at the school, they are so sweet and talented too.

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