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So I haven’t posted for a while, I have been busy working, vacation, getting kids off to college and just generally being lazy about posting.  This summer I also had the privilege of working with some young sewers in 4-H.  I took several pictures but some of them have disappeared in to never land, but here are a few of them working hard in my workroom, making pillows and skirts.

4-H girls working on skirts.

They are working hard on their skirts, and I had Hannah helping me out.

4-H'er sewing on skirt.

Sewing on their skirts.

4-Her's practicing on industrial sewing machine

While they were waiting on the home machine, I let them practice on the Industrial Straight Stitch machine.

4-H'er with finished skirt.

Her finished Skirt! Very Cute!

4-H'er Practicing on Industrial sewing Machine

Loved her style with the hat!

That was part of my summer, we also went to Florida for a week with my dad and Zadie, for some relaxing down time.

Fort Walton Beach Florida

View from our condo!

Fort Walton Beach Florida

Exploring the beach.

The Back Porch

Eating dinner at the Back Porch!

My Fish

Going fishing! Me and Mark’s catch, they were yummy!

Going on a boat ride

On a boat ride to see dolphins, and we saw a lot of them!

Hannah's Sand Castle

Hannah and Mark’s sand castle!  Mark took the picture at night!  He was so proud of the picture! 🙂


Our last sunset!

And last but not least, I took my baby to college.  He will hate that I called him my baby, or that I am even putting this in my blog.  But he will probably never see it.  It is a lot quieter around here and less laundry to do and less stuff to pick up, and I don’t wait up til all hours of the morning waiting for him to come home, but I still miss him!

Mark and Ian

Ian and Mark.

Dorm Room

Took us a 1/3 of the time to move Ian in then it did the girls! He’s a boy!  Oh and the dorm has no AC, so his first purchase at Walmart was a box fan!

Saying Goodbye

Saying good-bye!  No tears, I promised!

So I have also done some work, but will save that post for next time, which will hopefully be soon!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. JoEllen Says:

    Chrystal, I just love what you manage to do!! Working with the 4-H girls was wonderful. You might be stepping up to teaching in your next life-line. Hope your kids enjoy college and make you and Mark very proud! Great blog… Thanks for sharing your busy life!

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