2 Story Foyer Window Solution

Bombay Arch Window Treatment

So here is one of the projects I have been working on this summer, an arch window treatment for a foyer entryway.  A few months ago, I showed you a treatment that we were working on  in this post.

Bombay Arched Valance

It is the Bombay Arch Window Treatment from M’Fay, with a lot of alterations from a special pattern fairy! 😉  As I stated before, the process started with a template of the window which I sent off to my pattern fairy along with the original pattern, and the new size we wanted it.  The pattern fairy did a great job!  My client loves color and texture and picked out these great velvet fabrics and I found the tassels which matched perfectly!  They are actually a tassel trim, but we just used the individual tassels at the points.

Foyer Before

Here is a before picture of the window.  It is hard to get a good picture and also a difficult install.  The foyer is tall but not that big and has a huge chandelier right in front of the window.

Installation of Foyer Treatment

So as Mark would say, not one of his favorite installs.  We had to tie the chandelier back out-of-the-way with a bungee cord and remove all the furniture from the room.  I was fun getting a 20′ ladder in a very tight space.  We taped the  template back up on the window, so we would know exactly where the medallions needed to go.

Bombay Arch Window Treatment

And the installation was a success!

Bombay Arch Window Treatment

Bombay Arch Window Treatment

Bombay Arch Window Treatment


Bombay Arch Window Treatment

Mark liked taking a couple of interesting perspective pictures!

Bombay Arch Window Treatment

And once we walked outside, we realized it even looked good from that viewpoint!


Bombay Arch Window Treatment


 Thanks for stopping by.  More projects on the way!

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  1. Celeste Says:

    It looks like the woman in the painting is giving a hand. Beautiful treatment!

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Looks great Chrystal !

  3. Cathy Taylor Says:

    Great job Chrystal. Glad that’s not me on that ladder up that high!!!! Nerves of steel!!

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