Drapes and Cornices Project

Here is another project I worked on this summer.

Slouch Panels with Tiebacks

Several years ago we dressed the windows in Box pleated drapes in a beautiful fabric when the client first moved into the home with their new triplets.  They had contrasting large brown cording at the top and 2 rows of brown buttons at each pleat.  Lots and lots of buttons.  That was seven years ago and the client was ready for a change.

Drapes - Box Pleated Red 6

We had recently fabricated drapes for the master bedroom and she really liked the style.

Slouch Panels on Medallions

So we used the same style in the main part of the house.

Slouch Panels with Tiebacks

We started in the living room and worked down the back wall of the house.  In the living room we used tassels to dress it up a bit more.  She is still deciding if she wants to use them in the rest of the rooms or not.

Slouch Panels with Tiebacks

I also fabricated a pillow for her with the leftover trim and fabric as a thank you gift!

Pillow with inset trim

We then moved into the breakfast room area.

Slouch Panels on Medallions

Slouch Panels on Medallions

Slouch Panels on Medallions

Slouch Panels on Medallions

Then into the harvest room.

Slouch Panels on Medallions

In this room we added Cornices over the end window and door.

Slouch Panels on Medallions and Cornice

To break up the Cornice and add a little extra something, we inset a beautiful trim on the face of the cornice.

Cornices with inset trim

The view from the Kitchen.

Slouch Panels and cornices with trim

In my next post I will show you how I applied the trim to the cornice.

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