Sewing and Upholstery Retreat Day 1.

Auto ZoneThe first official day of the Sewing and Upholstery retreat started just outside of Knoxville Tenn. where we had spent the night after driving all of Sat.  We packed up the car to head out, and it didn’t start!  A call to AAA got us a jumpstart and then we headed to the first Auto Zone we could find and bought a new battery!

After the battery was installed by a very helpful employee of Auto Zone we headed to Hendersonville, North Carolina to an Art Festival, they were having.  They had a good variety of things, but nothing that I just had to have. There was one booth that had art work that was made by weaving threads or fabric, that I thought was interesting.

Art Fair

We had Lunch at Moe’s BBQ, which was very good! Especially the dessert, Chocolate Mud Pie!

Moe's barbeque

One thing that was interesting were the bears.  Several years ago we drove thru a town, when we were on one of our many trips, that had painted cows all thru the town. Hendersonville had painted bears


On the way there and back to Ashville we listened to the Rams loose again!!!

Checked into Lutheridge with Susan and Kim, and then unloaded my stuff  and went exploring the area. Mark went back to Ashville to his hotel room and will go hiking while I am taking my classes.

Susan and Kim

We all met up for a wonderful dinner and after, we met back at Thornburg Hall and had some social time.


Class’s start bright and early in the morning!

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And one more bear!


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