Sewing and Upholstery Retreat Day 2 and 3

I know I was supposed to do this a lot sooner, but the internet at the retreat was very slow, then it was non-existent in the cabin we stayed in, in Gatlinburg for the rest of the week.  And then I got back and had a ton of catching up to do.  So here as they say is the rest of the story!

Day 2 – I took classes with Donna Cash and Penny Bruce.

Penny Bruce and Donna Cash

 Donna’s first class of the morning was embellishments.

Donna Cash Embellishment class


She had several examples that she shared with the group.

Donna Cash Embellishment class

Love this one!

Donna Cash Embellishment class

And this one!

Donna Cash Embellishment class

And this panel is just incredible.

Donna Cash Embellishment class

This is one she demonstrated and we got a chance to try making it.

After Donna’s class, Penny taught her English method of making panels.

Penny's English Method Panel Making

Almost everything is hand sewn.

Penny's English Method Panel Making

The herringbone stitch on the bottom hem.

Penny's English Method Panel Making

In the afternoon I took Donna’s Square Bolster class.

Donna Cash's bolster class


She had some great examples.

Donna Cash's bolster class

This is the one she demonstrated.

Donna Cash's bolster class

Loved this one with the giant pom poms!

Penny’s afternoon class was Pleating to Pattern, which was one of the main reasons I came to the retreat.

Penny Bruce's Pleating to Pattern

She had 2 great examples of how one fabric could be pleated to pattern 2 different ways, depending on how you laid it out.

Penny Bruce's Pleating to Pattern

Example 1 has the flower in the spaces.

Penny Bruce's Pleating to Pattern

Example 2 has the flower in the pleat.  Neither way is right or wrong, it just depends on which you or the customer likes.  She then explained how to work it out with several examples and then gave us a fabric to figure it out ourselves.

Penny Bruce's Pleating to Pattern

I worked with a partner, and she worked her fabric one way and I worked it another.  We also tried a few different pleats.  We actually liked the 2 finger Euro Pleat the best.


In the evening each teacher held an answer and question session and you could go around to each one.

Susan's evening session

Susan’s evening session.

Kim's evening session

Kim’s evening session.

evening 3

Day 3

Day 3 was a short morning session, where each instructor demonstrated a technique.

Kim button tufting

Kim demonstrated button tufting on a headboard.

day 2 - 3 - Copy

Donna demonstrated how to make an embellished button, and then let us make one!

Penny Bruce Pin tucking

And Penny demonstrated pin tucking.

It was a great learning and connecting experience and I would recommend it to anyone.  There were several that had come to the retreat with little sewing experience, eager to learn.  I want to think Susan and Kim for putting the retreat together and doing such an excellent job.  I also want to think Donna and Penny for sharing their wealth of knowledge with us.

After the retreat Mark and I drove up to Gatlinburg, and spent a few days hiking the Smokie Mountains.  I will share that later!

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  1. Lois Stejskal Roegge Says:

    Thanks for sharing this!! Did they say if this would be an annual event? Next year it will be in my neck of the woods!

  2. Chrystal Says:

    I think they are thinking about it. They had a great response with participates and vendors, I forgot to mention they had lots of door prizes that had been generously provided by a good assortment of vendors.

  3. Jann from Newton Custom Interiors Says:

    This looks like it was a great experience! Hope they do have another one next year.

    I love the pleating to pattern pictures.

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