King Headboard and Mock Roman Valances and Hannah!

Upholstered King Headboard and Box Pleated Bed Skirt

In the past couple of weeks I have been working on several projects, a couple of them were a King size headboard and Box pleated bedskirt for Holly Blumeyer’s client.

Upholstered King Headboard and Box Pleated Bed Skirt

Holly Blumeyer designed the headboard and bedskirt and then had the client purchase a white  Matelasse coverlet.

Upholstered King Headboard and Box Pleated Bed Skirt



My other project was with JCR Design Group, Jenny worked with the client, carefully selecting the fabric and design that softens the windows in this beautiful kitchen.

Mock Roman Shade Valance


Mock Roman Shade Valance



If you have been following along, you know that my middle daughter who is a Junior at Mizzou is in Barcelona for a semester studying abroad.  In my last post I added a couple of her pictures that she posts on FB for us to see.  She is getting to see some amazing things.  Here are just a few of the pictures she has shared.

Bakery in Barcelona

One of the many Bakeries in Barcelona, Hannah thinks she will gain weight! 🙂

Monestry built in the 1500's

             They visited a Monastery built-in the 1500’s.

The Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia

This is one of the places Mark wants to tour when we visit Hannah at the end of her semester in April.

Catherdal in Barcelona

This is another cathedral in Barcelona, that Hannah toured last week.  She had to walk up to the highest point.

Overview of Barcelona

And this was one of the views from there overlooking the city of Barcelona.


She also took a weekend trip to Tarragona Spain with a group, it is a city south of Barcelona.  Love the colorful posts.

Zipper Skirt

And last but not least, my daughter loves to shop and she found this store that had skirts made with zippers!  Really cool!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to have another post of a very interesting job that I have been working on, but waiting to see if I can get pictures of it install.


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