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Once again I have let a month go by in my blogging.  I have kept busy finishing up projects and have forgotten to take pictures or just waiting for the installation date to arrive.  So finally we had an install that was picture worthy.  Last night we did another one of our high installs.  Mark loves these! 🙂  We even had a new ladder to try out.  Still haven’t decided if we like it better or not, there are good and bad points about both of them, so the debate is still on going.  So with no further ado here is the install!

Fabric for Heather Hannick Designs project

So before I actually show you the finished project I will let you in on some of the background.  On this project we worked with Heather from Heather Hannick Designs, she selected the fabric, design and hardware.  A few weeks ago I posted this picture of the fabric on Facebook to give you an idea of what I was working on.  Love the fabric color and design, I will be honest it frayed like crazy so I had threads everywhere and serged all the edges on the pillows.  The top fabric is for the swags and back of the pillows and the color didn’t come out real well in this picture.

Before Installation

Here is a picture of the room before, that I snapped with my phone when I met Heather there to measure the windows.

Installing tall drapes

 Mark up on the tall ladder that he loves so much! 🙂  We had one up and training.

Helser Brothers Hardware

The hardware Heather selected is from Helser Brothers, they make a great product!  It is very heavy but has the right proportions and look for this project.

Tall Drapes and Swags with Helser Brothers Hardware

And Finally the finished product!  Sort of, Heather still has a rug, and other furniture coming and hopefully in the future I will be able to get a final picture, but this will have to do for now.


Tall Drapes and Swags with Helser Brothers Hardware

Here is a close up of the swag and the great hardware!

Tall Drapes and Swags with Helser Brothers Hardware


I also made some pillows for the project they had the print on the front and the swag fabric on the back side (so she could mix it up) with a beautiful trim around the edges.Pillows with Fringe Trim


Throw pillows with fringe trim


   One more last view of the room!

Tall Drapes and Swags with Helser Brothers Hardware


I have finished a few other projects and here is one of them.  I reupholstered an ottoman for a client and made a few pillows.  I also have drapes to make for the same client, but the fabric hasn’t come in yet.

Before Ottoman

  This is a before picture!

Reupholsered Ottoman and Pillows

And here is the After!  We used a faux suede and I repeated the same design, top stitching and all.

In the other category, if you have been following along you know that I have a daughter studying abroad this semester and I have occasionally shared some of her adventures with you.  So far she has been able to go several places.  One of them being Morocco where she got to ride a camel and bargin in one of the many markets they have there.

Hannah's Camel Ride

Hannah's Camel Ride

Hannah Morocco Market

This week she is taking her spring break going to Italy, Austria, and Prague.  She flew to Naples, and from there has been taking the train and staying in hostels.  She has planned this trip all on her own and I happen to be very proud of her for doing it.  So far she has made it thru Italy and should be in Vienna today!  These are just a very few of the pictures that she has posted on Facebook of her trip.

Hannah Rome 1 The Vatican

She was actually at the Vatican on Palm Sunday and didn’t even realize that she was seeing the Pope!  She figured it out but since she is not Catholic it wasn’t as big a deal to her! 🙂

Hannah Rome 2 The Coliseum

The Colosseum!

Hannah Venice 2

Venice! She liked Venice but she really loved Florence, she thought it was a beautiful city.  She was not impressed with Naples and thought it was dirty.

Hannah's Venice 1

A daughter after my own heart!  She takes pictures of window treatments!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed a little bit of this post!

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