Sheers and Pillows


Living Room with Sheers

We had another install this weekend, this time we were working with Emily Koch from JCR Design Group.  Emily choose a beautiful Sheer fabric and a flat trim in a red with blue running thru it to go on the leading edge.

Sheers and Pillows

She also selected a leopard blue fabric and a solid blue fabric for pillows and added the flat trim to the front of the blue pillows.



The sheers were made with a simple Two finger Euro pleat with only 2x fullness.

Sheers with Flat Trim on leading edge


Sheers with Flat Trim on leading edge


Lumbar pillow in Red Floral

We also made a couple of long lumbar pillows in a beautiful red floral fabric for 2 of the settee’s in the room.

Lumbar Pillow in Red Floral Fabric

I also love the art work in the room.  The client purchased it at the Webster Grove’s Art Fair.  I hope to be able to go and see if the artists is there this year.

Sheers with Flat Trim on leading edge and Pillows

Thanks for stopping by, we have a couple more installs before we leave to pick up Hannah in Barcelona!  So I hope to have another post or two before then.

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