Before and After of a Contemporary slipcover!

Slipcovered Sofa with waterfall skirt

In the past couple of weeks I have installed window treatments, and chair seats in a corner office in downtown St. Louis, slipcovered a sofa, and re-upholstered a couple of chairs.  In this post I will share the before and after of the sofa.  I did put a few pictures on Facebook, but thought I would follow-up with a post about the complete transformation.  I will show you the window treatment and chairs in another post.

We picked up a nice looking blue sofa, that really had nothing wrong with it, but when I met the client she confessed that it really wasn’t what she wanted, once she had it for a while, and slipcovering was cheaper than having it reupholstered.  The sofa is very comfortable and so just needed a new fabric, and we changed up the style just a bit.Waterfall skirt 2 waterfall skirt

She sent me a couple of pictures to show the style she was looking for.  She wanted a waterfall skirt, but no center pleat.  Also there was no cording, this gives the slipcover a more contemporary look.

Sofa ready for slipcovering

Here is the sofa before I covered it.  It already is a contemporary style, but she decided to add a skirt to it.  I cut all the pieces and laid them on the piece, where they go.

Pin fitted slipcover

Then I pinned it together.  I had never done this style before, but had always wanted to try it.  I will give credit to Slipcovers by Shelly, awhile back she came out with an e-book of advanced methods of slipcovering called Get it Covered and I purchased it.  She explains how to do this skirt method in a clear and easy way.



Slipcovered Sofa with waterfall skirt

I did have to put a zipper in the back left corner, mainly because as you can see the top of the sofa is larger than the bottom.  That is a good indication that a piece will need a zipper.

Slipcovered Sofa with waterfall skirt

We did deliver it last week and got to get a couple of shots in the clients home.

Slipcovered Sofa with waterfall skirt

I also covered 3 cushions for the window seat in the room, but forgot to get a picture of them.

Slipcovered Sofa with waterfall skirt

The Client was happy!

So deep summer is here and most of my flowers are done, but what I call the late summer flowers, or almost weeds are going strong and taking over my garden, so I thought I would bring a few in.  Love these little yellow/orange flowers, they look so cute and delicate, but they are actually on a giant plant that is taking over the whole flower bed!  I added a couple of butterfly bush flowers, and a little red flower that looks like a weed in the garden but adds a little something to the bouquet.

Summer flowers Summer flowers

Summer flowers


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