T – Shirt Quilts

Today a friend picked up her quilt that I helped her make for her daughter, who had graduated a couple of years ago with my daughter Sydney.  She is one of my close momma friends that I would do just about anything for, because she is the same way.  Anyway the reason I am bring this up is I added it to my website today so just thought I would talk about another service I provide that isn’t window treatments.  Several years ago I was approached by someone at my kids school, and asked if I could make a t- shirt or memory quilt.  And of course I said yes, and almost never turn down a challange.  I did some research on line on how to make them and came up with some of my own ideas and another aspect of my business was born.  Since then I have done quiet a few, range from anniversary, graduation to true memory quilts.  The most meaningful one I did had 60 shirts in it, it was front and back and it was made from shirts that her husband had worn and he had just recently passed away from cancer.  She loved it.  Most of the ones I do are for graduation and the one picked up today is basically a High School graduation, just a couple years late.

So if you have a bunch of old T – shirts, sweatshirts, gymbags, leotards, etc.  save them and consider having me make it up into a special gift for someone!  One that can be cherished for a very long time!

Twin T- Shirt quilt

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