Cornice Making Project!


This week I worked on making a cornice for a client. The fabric and details were all selected by the designer. We met at her clients house and I took careful measurements and we chose a shape and size that her client would be happy with. The next step was to make a pattern for the cornice so we could cut the shape out of the plywood. Then my husband cut the face board,legs, and top board for me.

Cornice boards

I normally use 1 x 4’s for the legs but with this project we used plywood, because of the constraints of the window. There is not a lot of extra space around the window, so we are using every ninth degree that we can. I then lined all the boards separately, and then put them together. After the cornice is built I covered it with a special batting for cornices.  I then cover it again with interlining. Interlining is like a flannel type of material. I interline most of my cornices, because it helps with the face fabric laying smoother, and you don’t have to pull on the face fabric as much, so it prevents puckers and etc.

prelined cornice

Then I cover it with the face fabric. This cornice also has a banding, so I had to add that to the front. Making the shape with an ant trail of staples.

Partway done cornice

Once I completed the ant trail, I then made cording to cover the staples and hot glued that over the staples, added cording to the bottom edge and to the top edge to finish it off.


Here is a close up of the banding.

Close up of Cornice

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2 Responses to “Cornice Making Project!”

  1. Denise Lehmann Says:

    Chrystal, you are the ultimate!! I love the detail. Great job, I’m sure your customer (and designer) will be thrilled.

  2. Stephanie Van Vranken Says:

    Ditto to what Denise said ! Looks wonderful !

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