Last Weeks Projects and Today’s Snow!

As I sit here on this very snowy Sunday, watching snow come down and pile up I am thinking about the list of projects I have to do and also the things I completed this week.



Earlier this week I installed a cornice in a Kitchen, the one I demonstrated on the last blog. The customer was happy how it turned out. It was designed by JCR Design Group.


Plaid Cornice with Banding

Then for the rest of the week I worked on slipcovers for 2 chairs and a banquette settee. The customer chose an off white, canvas like fabric that she purchased and washed and dried before she gave it to me. The chairs and settee were just a basic style in a neutral fabric. I only took one before picture of the chair.

Before slipcover

I worked on the settee first and then completed the chairs. I pretty much followed the lines of the original piece. The other factor in these pieces, was that there was very little tuck in room, especially the settee. The back of it had about a 1/2″ tuck area and none down the wing area.

Slipcovered Settee

The settee did not have legs, the customer was going to put them on after I delivered, so had to use the kitchen chairs to hold it up!

Arm of Slipcovered Settee

And the Chair!

Slipcovered Chair

Slipcovered Chair

And now for the Snow!





This was taken about an hour ago and it is still snowing! It is March 24th, suppose to be Spring!

Snow 3/24/13


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  1. Jann Newton Says:

    Great job, as usual, on the cornice and slipcovers. We have a lot of snow up here, but not as much as you! It is hard to believe that it is spring!

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