My Week at the Custom Home Furnishing Academy

To start off, I have been to CHF 3 other times, but then it was in Charlotte N.C.  Now it is outside of Atlanta in Roswell.  It is a 9 hour drive for me, which is a lot better than Charlotte.  I drove my husband’s Jetta, that gets 45 mpg.  The trip went pretty quick, lots of country music singing going on! I am taking the 201 Upholstery Class.

Today (Monday) we started working on our Child size chairs.


This was the example we are following to make.  I forgot to get a picture of the completely bare to the bones chair.   But I have a couple of pictures that will give you the idea of it.

chf 1

My instructor is Kathy Maddox in the purple, and there are 2 other students  besides me, Cathy is in the darker blue and Alice is in the lighter blue.


We went  through our tools and learned all the names of them and decided which ones we  need to get for home.  I had most of them, but there were a couple that I would like to get.

chf 6

Such as this one, which is actually wire cutters, but it is used to pull staples.

We then mapped out our fabric cutting plan and cut out our fabric.

This was Cathy’s chair with her fabric, that she neatly folded and stacked on her chair.  We did this so we would know for sure that we had every piece we needed.  Mine was not stacked so  neatly! 🙂 So I asked if I could take a picture of hers.

Then we webbed our bottom and back areas, and then covered that.  We are suppose to use a burlap, but didn’t have any so we used another fabric.


Then we put on a batting layer and sewed and stapled the deck on!

chf 7

Done for the day!

Then a few of us went out to dinner at the Peachtree Diner and had great dinner and wonderful dinner conversation!

Tune in for Day 2 Tomorrow.

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  1. Jann Newton Says:

    Looks like a great class! Have fun!

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