Day 3 of Upholstery Class

If you remember from day 2 we finished the inner arms, the key’s(front of arms), and the front piece.

Day 3 we were ready to work on the wings.

CHF 30

Have the inner wings padded, need to add cotton and then the fabric.


CHF 31


Now on to the inside back.

CHF 32


Cathy working on the inside back of her chair.

CHF 28


Found another tool I needed.  Curved scissors,  great for cutting off the extra fabric close to the chair.

CHF 29


Finished the outside wing.

CHF 33


Alice and Kathy working on Alice’s chair at the end of the day.

CHF 25


CHF 26

Cathy’s chair at the end of day 3.


CHF 27

My chair at the end of day.  I still have the front of the outside arm to sew, the back, buttons for the front, and the bottom to finish.


CHF 24

Then for dinner we went to Adele’s  a Cajun place.  I had the Lagniappe Pasta.  It had a lobster base cream sauce with shrimp and angel hair pasta, with fried oysters on top.  After we shared a plate of Beignets.  Um Um Good!


Day 4 Tomorrow!

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