Slipcovers and Cornices – Before and Afters

I have a lot of catching up to do with my posting, so I am going to show you a couple of projects I completed earlier this summer and will hopefully follow-up with a couple of larger projects that I got done last month.  This is the before picture of a Den in a clients home that she was wanting to update.


Den Before

Here is the after.

Den After

The client painted a more neutral color on the walls.

2 Color Cornice

A close up!

Den After

We added a few pillows in the same fabrics to tie it all in.

Another transformation.

Lazy Boy recliner before

A lovely couple that we know is having a baby, and asked if I could slipcover this rocker, recliner, glider for their nursery. She wanted it in a pale creamy yellow with white piping.  My initial response was no! no way!  But I started thinking about it.

Lazy Boy recliner before

And thinking about it!

Lazy Boy recliner before

Before I had the actual chair, and just a picture I didn’t really want to do it.  But then I went down to my dad’s and what did I see, but the exact same chair sitting in his family room.  It had been there for years, but I hadn’t realized it was the same chair(in blue) until I sat in it and a light bulb went off!  So I looked at it, took it apart. ( the back comes off).  I started forming a plan in my mind on how I would construct it.  So I went back home and emailed with a reply, that yes I would do it.

Lazy Boy Recliner slipcovered

(Sorry for the blurry pictures!)

The slipcover had to be able to move in a lot of different ways.

Lazy Boy Recliner slipcovered

The seat had to move, foot rest had to come up!

Lazy Boy Recliner slipcovered

And the back had to lay all the way back.

Lazy Boy Recliner slipcovered

There is a lot of velcro involved, to hold it in place, and it is made in 4 separate pieces.  The back is one piece, and the seat/foot rest is another one.  The arms are 2 separate pieces also.  Each piece can come off to be washed separately if needed.  I ordered the fabric from one of my suppliers (Carr’s Textiles).   The fabric is preshrunk already, but I went ahead and washed and dryed it just to make sure there was no shrinkage when she washed it.

Lazy Boy Recliner slipcovered

We gave it to them as a baby shower gift, even though they wanted to pay for it.  I told them they couldn’t afford it! 🙂

That is all for now!  Hope to be back soon with some more before and afters!

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  1. Jann from Newton Custom Interiors Says:

    Great job Chrystal. Love the new valance, and the recliner slipcover is amazing. I don’t know if I would have had the nerve to tackle that one!

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