Re-upholstering an old but loved Vanity Chair!

I recently re-upholstered an old vanity chair that had been redone at least 3 other times, so I gave it a 4th life.  I don’t know what it looked like in its first life, that had all been stripped away.  But in its second life it had a blue top and a white skirt.  Now that I think on it, the blue top might have been original, and they took the old skirt off and replaced it with the white.  Not quite sure why!

Vanity Chair

Blue and White Vanity Chair


But that is not the condition I found it in.  I found it like this.

Slipcovered Vanity Chair

Someone had made a slipcover for it.  Also the seat cushion was looking a little worse for wear, and also didn’t quite fit the seat area.

Slipcovered Vanity Chair

They had put in a zipper in the back.

Slipcovered Vanity Chair

And then you might ask yourself, how did they make the channels for a slipcover?  Well, they sewed in the channels, and then they –

Slipcover Channel back secret

Sewed it to the chair, to hold it in place.

So I stripped it all the way down, it was on a swivel base, that was very unattractive and the client basically wanted the same style, so I just recreated it.

Upholstered Vanity Chair

I also made a completely new seat cushion to better fit the chair.

Upholstered Vanity Chair

I used 3/8″ welt instead of the normal 1/4″

Upholstered Vanity Chair

Upholstered Vanity Chair

And this Channel back wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  I had never done a channel back chair before, so I was a little apprehensive about it.


The client wanted the double skirt, which adds a little bit of whimsy to it.

Upholstered Vanity Chair

All in all I thought it came out pretty good!

Upholstered Vanity Chair

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2 Responses to “Re-upholstering an old but loved Vanity Chair!”

  1. Stephanie Van Vranken Says:

    Turned out great ! I bet client loved it.

  2. Jenni Says:

    Great job! You never know what you will find when stripping a piece of furniture.

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