Barcelona, South of France, Paris, and London!

Plaza Catalunya Fountains

Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona


I haven’t blogged for a while because we were on a trip to Europe to pick up our daughter in Barcelona, where she was studying aboard for 4 months.  I included a few pictures of her travels on previous posts.  I had thought about posting during the trip but rethought it for a couple of reasons.  I am including the reasons to let other people who might think about blogging, why I chose not to.  First and foremost is because of my website, which includes my blog, is open to the public and since I work from my home, it includes my home address, and I just didn’t want everyone in the world to know that I wasn’t home at the time.  I did post pictures on my personal FB page, but I keep the settings pretty secure on it, and hopefully I can trust my friends!:) The other reason was we were so busy we barely had time to sleep.

La Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Família

I will include some of the pictures that I used on my FB page, but I will also share others.  I hope to do several different posts on the trip, because I took so many pictures and I want to cover several different subject areas.

South of France Countryside

Southern Spain

We started in Barcelona where Hannah was, and then we rented a car and the real adventure started as we drove across the South of France staying in Bed and Breakfasts, and driving thru little villages and seeing the sites.

Pont Du Gard

Aqueduct in Vers-Pont-du-Gard, France

 Our first 2 nights were in Montpellier, then we drove to Nice and stayed there for 2 nights.


Nice, France

Nice, France

South of France

Southern France

We then drove back to Marseille and caught the train to Paris.

Eiffel Tower, Paris France

We stayed in Paris for 3 days, then took the train thru the Chunnel to London and stayed for 3 days there.  This is just a brief description and will fill in with details as I go along, so if anyone is planning a trip I hope to include some good information that you can use.

Big Ben, London, England

Big Ben, London, England

For this post I just want to give you a taste of our trip and then I hope to follow-up with more details of our trip.  I hope to do a post for each major area we visited, a post of Window treatments and soft furnishings that I saw in many of the places we visited, some in Palaces and others in Museums.  I will also try to possibly do a post on all the flowers and vegetation, so if you are a gardener or plant lover I should have something for you also.  I might throw in a foodie post because there is so many different dishes to share with you!  And I will try to include some traveling tips along the way.  Here is just a small one:  Take a wash cloth!  The european’s do not use them, they were not in any of the places we stayed except one, and it was one of the B&B’s we stayed at, but it was owned by a couple that was half American!

So I hope you follow along on our adventures!

Thanks for stopping by!

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