Our First High Rise Project!

Drapes with banding inset on leading edge and hem, blackout lined and interlined

A few weeks ago we installed a project that we worked with Holly Blumeyer on.  It was for St. Louis Parking in the U.S. Bank building on the 24th Floor in downtown St. Louis.  I first went down there with Holly to take measurements and a couple of pictures that I thought would be helpful to have before the install.  Mark and I then went down and picked up the seats so we could recover them and I had him look at where he would be installing and what he would be installing into.  So there were no surprises! 🙂


The window before the drapes.  Look at that view!

Beam to install into

The beam we have to install into.


One of the reasons for the drapes is to cover up the water stain on the wallpaper.  The water issue was taken care of, and the client wanted to keep the wallpaper.

Adding banding to a drape

I shared this photo of adding the banding detail to the drapes on Facebook.  Some one asked how I applied it,  I have a boiler iron, and I used Do Fix tape, which is an adhesive.  There are several ways to apply a banding and I chose this method, you can also sew it on if you wanted to, but I like to move my panels as little as possible.  Before I applied it I texted the designer a couple of pictures showing it set in several different distances.  I use rulers to keep a nice straight edge and do fix it as I go along.

The view from the 24th floor

So Mark took a picture of his view! I told him to just not look down!  24 floors up!

Installing drapes

The install went just as planned with no hiccups!  The designer chose to use 2 widths on each side to give it more fullness. They were interlined and blackout lined with Trinity.Drapes with banding inset on leading edge and hem, blackout lined and interlined

It’s hard to get a good picture with that much light coming in, but the drapes came out great, and really enhanced the view! And what a view!

Drapes with banding inset on leading edge and hem, blackout lined and interlined

We completely rebuilt the chair seats, adding new strapping, foam and batting.

reupholstered seat cushions

The seats, banding and drapes coordinated to make an elegant but masculine office.

reupholstered seat cushions

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  1. Anne Lutz Says:

    Beautiful job!

  2. Debra Lagemann Says:

    Nice job Chrystal. As always.

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